WPRV.NET wants to hear, and possibly share your news with the world.  Whether its news in your City, in your State, in your country, or a PSA, WPRV.NET wants to hear about it; and to do so, we've set up this vehicle for you to get it to us.  For us, Its important that we have a source that will follow, and reportnews to you from start to finish.  Its also important that when a story is reported that you the viewer, or listener can be confident in the us getting the facts, and reporting it without holes, or spin.


WPRV.NET gives you a promise that No friendships, No political, or church affiliations, etc, etc, will deter WPRV.NET from telling the story as it is.  We do not intend to offend, but we do plan to follow John 8:32, and in every story we do intend to ensure that everyone's yes's will be yes, and everyone's no's will be no.  In Mat 5:37, its stated that The truth shall set you free , and we intend to free news from the holes, and spin that we've been getting over the years. 


Thank you,

WPRV.NET Management