Title: General Manager
Name: Michael L. McKeithen Sr.
Email: MikeM@WPRV.Net
Who Is?: Station General Manager, Husband, Dad, and humble servant of God.



Title: Gospel Radio Announcer
Name: Mark Wyatt
Email: MWyatt@WPRV.Net
Who Is?: Minister Wyatt began his radio career back in 2003 as a show co-host at a local Connecticut Gospel station, and another in Florida.  In 2013 Min. Wyatt was introduced to WPRV.NET, where he joined the WPRV.NET Product & Development team under the tutelage of Station Manager Michael McKeithen.


Title: Gospel Announcer
Name: Jean Whittingham-Brown
Email: JBrown@WPRV.Net
Who Is?: Gospel Announcer

Title: Gospel Announcer
Name: Gloria Cummings
Email: GCummings@WPRV.Net
Who Is?: Gospel Announcer

Title: Journalist
Name: Melissa Holcomb-Charles
Email: MHCharles@wprv.net
Who Is?: Journalist

Title: Journalist
Name: LoVanda A. Brown
Email: LABrown@wprv.net
Who Is?: Journalist


Title: Community Manager
Name: Wendy Williamson
Email: WWilliamson@wprv.net
Who Is?: Community Manager