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    WPRV.NET, nor WPRV.TV are unable to upload submitted instrumentals, remixes, etc, etc that contain copyrighted materials.  In short, if you don't own the material, or don't have permission to use it we will decline your submission.


    In order for WPRV.NET, or WPRV.TV to play/post your videos on our YouTube channel’s, or websites, we must first have your permissions to do following. Please read the authorization text below, and respond via the dropdown authorization.

    I {yourName} authorize WPRV.NET, and WPRV.TV to upload, and monetize the following song and, or video listed below with the following authorizations.

    • Permissions to Rip, Upload, and Download on their WPRV.NET and, or WPRV.TV  YouTube Channel’s.
    • Permissions to upload and monetize the song listed below to their YouTube Channel/s, or their WPRV.NET, and or WPRV.TV Websites. 


    Artist/Album Name/Song Name:{submissionSong29}


    PLEASE NOTE: If your authorization is not give, your submission not be considered, and will be deleted.

    PLEASE NOTE: Your video cannot contain website addresses, Twitter @Names, Facebook Links, Instagram Links, etc, etc. If so you video will be deleted. Your video/s also cannot contain promotional content anywhere in the video. If you would like to have promotional content within your video you must contact us at advertise@wprv.net

  • Should be Empty:

Thank you from considering WPRV.NET as your station for airing your songs of Ministry that the Lord has Blessed you with.  Currently WPRV.NET is excepting Music, and Videos for the following genres.  Christian Hip-Hop Christian Contemporary, Christian Jazz,  Christian Pop, Christian Neo-Soul and Gospel.  For airplay consideration please complete the form below.

Thank you,

WPRV.NET Management