Video Broadcasting

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WPRV.Net has a perfect solution for live event streaming of worship services, bible studies, concerts, conferences and private events. Our system will capture your video and audio feeds and deliver your message to the world on our state of the art platform. WPRV.Net is known for having the most dependable live platform in the streaming industry.



Are you wondering how do you live stream? This guide provides a quick walkthrough detailing what is required to get started on how to stream live video over the WPRV service. It includes a checklist of things needed, basic requirements and also some baseline suggestions of equipment or setups to start broadcasting for those completely new to the technology.

Two ways to start live streaming:

1. Live stream from a PC or Mac based software encoder
2. Live stream from a hardware based encoder

There are many software solutions for RTMP encoding. The only free solution, though, is to use Flash Media Live Encoder.

There are many alternatives to Flash Media Live Encoder as well. These preform better but are not free. Examples include Telestream’s Wirecast and VidBlaster.

Internet connection required:

A reliable internet connection is mandated to stream over WPRV. This needs to be a broadband connection, preferably wired as wireless is prone to have dips in performance.

Overall speed of the connection should be at least double what you plan to stream at. So a 500kpbs stream would need a 1,000kpbs connection. If you are streaming at half your connection speed, do not try to watch your own feed at the same time as that will exceed your Internets capabilities.

If you are doing more than one bit rate, add up the total to see if your connection can support it.

What else do you need? A WPRV streaming checklist:

1. A WPRV.Net account
2. A WPRV.Net Live channel
3. A WPRV.Net publishing point, we provide you with.

Video Source:

All video has to be brought through a computer or hardware encoder to stream. If it’s through a computer, it needs to be through a video capture card such as the Osprey line by View-cast, with the Osprey-100 pictured.Your computer may or may not already be set up to accept video feeds. The simplest way to check, and stream over WPRV, is through an attached webcam found in most modern laptops.

This means the computer is likely ready to stream, although quality will not match that of a dedicated camera. If it is a camera and you want to live stream, it should have a UVC, iLink, USB3 or Firewire connection that you will need to find a way to feed this into the computer and/or encoder.

If you need a camera, here are three that have been used over our system and the general price range for them. Nearly any digital camera can be used, though, if it can be hooked up and the feed fed to an encoder:

Canon FS400


Sony HDR-HC9


Panasonic AG HVX200A



Computer requirements for a PC encoder:

1. Minimum of 2 GB of RAM, the more the better
2. Minimum of 500 MB of free hard drive storage space, depending on size of the stream

Computer requirements for a Mac encoder:

1. Minimum of 1 GB of RAM, the more the better
2. Minimum of 500 MB of free hard drive storage space, depending on size of the stream
3. Mac OSX version 10.5 or later
4. QuickTime 7 or later and QuickTime compatible video capture device
5. 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or a faster processor